Pallet box for dog or mailbox

We needed a mailbox for the farm or box for dog– and wanted it to match the barn and surroundings.  After looking on-line and in stores over the past few months – we realized anything unique was well over $125 to $150.00.  We decided to continue the recycle, re-use and re-purpose theme and build one […]

DIY Pallet Kitchen Shelf Plan

There are various stunning types of DIY pallet projects which are on a budget and make really arresting improvements to a home. Shelves are also most commonly adapted schemes out of pallet wood reclaiming. We have repurposed some rustic skids here for a DIY pallet kitchen wall shelf plan which can provide a great setting to kitchen spices and […]

Pallet Wood School Furniture, recycling

Pallet wood is not only limited for home use only you can also reclaim it for office furniture, restaurant or coffee shop sitting plan and this time we have repurposed it for school furniture. We have resurrected this DIY pallet school furniture out of pallet wood which we have featured with lots of compartments. This DIY pallet […]